Attention Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Ipswich: Innovating with Our Vac Truck and Excavation Services!

At APU Excavations & Rentals, we’re committed to innovation and excellence. Our combined Vacuum Excavation and Excavation Hire services deliver fantastic results and ensure happy customers across Gold Coast Brisbane and Ipswich.

A Success Story in Southeast Queensland

Recently, we tackled a challenging project involving a blocked drain pit at a meat works facility in the southeast Queensland region. By deploying 120 meters of hose setup and using our excavator to vac the pit, we showcased our innovative approach to problem-solving. This method ensured the job was completed efficiently and effectively, demonstrating our commitment to getting the job done right.

Our Comprehensive Services

We offer both wet hire and dry hire services for Vacuum Excavations and Excavator Hire. If you opt for wet hire, our skilled operators will handle everything to ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction. For dry hire, we deliver the equipment and various attachments needed for your project. Hire equipment with us today, including Excavator Attachments!

Our Fleet of Vac Trucks

We have a range of Vac Trucks available for your vac excavation needs, including pipe location and location equipment:

  • 4000L Vacuum Excavation Truck
  • 6000L Vacuum Excavation Truck with Jetter
  • 7000L Vacuum Excavation Truck with Jetter

Our Range of Excavators for Hire

Our extensive lineup of excavators and digger hire ensures we have the right machine for any job:

Expert Underground Services

APU Excavations & Rentals also specialises in underground services, including utility locating services, pipe and cable location, leak detection, and destructive digging. Our hydro vacuum excavation and cable locators ensure precise and safe excavation.

Serving the Sunshine Coast and Beyond

In addition to Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Ipswich, we extend our services to the Sunshine Coast. Whether you need equipment for hire, excavation services, or vacuum trucks, we’ve got you covered.

Call Us for More Information

For all your excavation Yatala, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Ipswich, trust APU Excavations & Rentals. Call us at 07 3524 0680 to learn more about our wet hire services and dry hire services and how we can assist with your next project.

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