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The APU Fleet boasts multiple conveniently sized trucks with varying capacities to suit your project and job site. 

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Vacuum Excavation Trucks, also known as Sucker Trucks, play a safety role in many underground and subsurface construction jobs and projects.

The use of Vac Trucks reduces above-ground congestion for the everyday traveler. This is due to the fact that the equipment can set up at a location further away from the site itself.

Our Vac Ex Trucks can be used for sewer or pipe rehabilitation, as well as pole installation. One of the reasons APU is so passionate about Vacuum Excavation is that, unlike other methods, it reduces the risk of disturbing the surrounding soil. This helps leave the undisturbed earth and ground naturally and heavily compacted.

Bulk Non-Destructive Digging / Hydro Excavations

Drill Mud Recovery

Underground Services Location and Daylighting

Recovery of Wet and Solid Materials, Liquids, and Slurries

Bulk Excavation

Our Services Include:

AKA. Bluey

4000L Vacuum Excavation Truck

Bluey is our 4000L vacuum excavation truck and its small footprint enables it to access and navigate through tight areas, with a large spoil capacity and longer work time.

Purpose designed and built for non-destructive digging, drill mud recovery, underground services location, and daylighting. Recover wet and solid materials, liquids, and slurries.

Making it the ideal solution for use by plumbers, electricians, surveyors, service location specialists, and civil, and Government entities when conducting early works on projects of any size or nature.


Vacuum Excavation Trucks for hire - APU - West Moreton, Brisbane, Gold Coast
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AKA. Big Red

6000L Vacuum Excavation Truck with Jetter

‘Big Red’ is your hard-hitting vacuum truck, fitted with a boom arm and jetter, complete with a large 6000L tank capacity, it is nicely suited to big jobs.

With the addition of a high-pressure jetter combo, Big Red can clear and clean drains and pipes to remove and collect debris, roots, obstructions, and water.
Hydro jetting is a powerful cleaning solution designed for stubborn blockages.

The vacuum excavation trucks in our fleet can be used to expose underground assets like gas and sewerage pipes, telecom lines, underground power, water.

They are also extremely effective at digging trenches and post holes in a flash, clearing grease traps, sludge from job sites due to rain, and burst pipes. The wide range of uses for these trucks takes us from backyards to civil and construction sites in the matter of a phone call.

AKA. Mr Snuffleupagus

7000L Vacuum Excavation Truck with Jetter

Equipped with a state-of-the-art jetter system, our new 7000L Vacuum Excavation Truck brings versatility to the forefront of our operations. This innovative feature utilises high-pressure water to break up stubborn soil, clear blockages, and clean surfaces with unparalleled precision. 

Whether we’re excavating around delicate utilities or cleaning up after a job, the jetter system ensures that we can tackle a wide range of tasks with ease.

By combining excavation and cleaning capabilities into a single machine, we streamline our operations, saving time and resources while maintaining the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

One of the standout features of our 7000L Vacuum Excavation Truck is its 6-inch boom, which enables superior performance and efficiency.

This ensures that we can tackle even the most demanding projects with ease, ultimately saving time and resources while delivering exceptional results.

7000L Vac Truck - all pumped up Qld

Frequently Asked Questions

Vacuum excavation is a versatile method primarily used for safely exposing and locating underground utilities and pipelines.

This non-destructive technique is invaluable for tasks such as utility verification, pipeline installation, debris and fluid removal, and maintenance. Vacuum excavation offers numerous advantages, including enhanced safety and precision, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of excavation and construction applications.

Certainly! APU Excavations & Rentals offers Vac Trucks for hire, both with and without an operator.

Our fleet includes various Vac Trucks, such as the 4000L Vacuum Excavation Truck, 6000L Vacuum Excavation Truck with Jetter, and the 7000L Vacuum Excavation Truck with Jetter. Whether you need a specific type of Vac Truck for your project, we have you covered.

Contaminated waste resulting from vacuum excavation is managed in compliance with local regulations.

The disposal process may include various methods such as treatment, secure landfills, incineration, utilisation of contaminated waste facilities, or recycling, depending on the specific type of waste.

At APU Excavations & Rentals, we take pride in our rigorous planning and unwavering commitment to safety. Our approach is designed to minimise risks and ensure that our vacuum excavation services are damage-free. 

Absolutely, pressure limits play a crucial role in vacuum excavation. These limits are established to ensure the safety of operators, protect underground utilities, and safeguard the environment.

Adhering to recommended pressure levels is paramount for the successful and secure execution of vacuum excavation projects. It’s worth noting that, at APU, we provide the flexibility to adjust pressure limits on all our trucks upon request.

The cost of hiring vacuum excavation services can vary based on factors such as the length of hire, the type of service (wet hire or dry hire), and other specific requirements. For detailed pricing information, you can find our complete price list on our website. Additionally, you can get in touch with our friendly team using the provided phone number for personalized assistance.

At APU Excavations & Rentals, we offer a range of vac truck sizes to meet the unique requirements of your project. Our options include the 4000L Vacuum Excavation Truck, the 6000L Vacuum Excavation Truck with Jetter, and the 7000L Vac Truck

The reach of vacuum excavation hoses can vary significantly, typically spanning from a few meters to over 50 meters, depending on the specific equipment and job requirements. It’s important to note that as the hose extends further, the vacuum performance may decrease. However, with proper planning and appropriate hose sizing, it’s possible to achieve peak performance for your vacuum excavation needs.

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