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Once APU has helped you excavate your project area, laying the foundation for your job, it’s time to get down to business.

We understand the critical role that reliable equipment plays in ensuring a successful construction project, which is why APU offers a diverse selection of top-quality tools to keep you going!

Whether you’re looking for a Concrete Vibrator, Concrete Saw, Quick Cut, Demolition Saw, Waka Paka, and Cable Locator, we’ve got you covered.

Concrete Vibrator Hire

Concrete Vibrator Hire

APU offers Concrete Vibrators for hire, perfectly suited for effectively eliminating air voids from recently poured slabs and footings.

Our concrete vibrators for hire ensure stability and precision during formwork, delivering exceptional results for your construction projects.

Vibrating the formwork with our reliable equipment consolidates the concrete into every part of the form, guaranteeing a smooth and durable finish, free from air pockets.

Demolition Saw Hire

Concrete Saw Hire

Whether you need precise cuts during excavation services or making way for new foundations, the APU demolition saw delivers exceptional performance, making your projects a breeze.

We offer concrete saws for hire that are ideal for cutting through hard materials such as concrete, tiles, asphalt, brick, and masonry.

Upright Rammers Hire

Waka Paka Hire

APU offers Waka Paka or Upright Rammers for hire for achieving proper soil compaction, even in trenches and confined spaces where traditional compactors may fall short.

Waka Paka is an indispensable component of excavation services, ensuring thorough and precise compaction to lay the groundwork for your construction ventures.

With their agile and efficient design, these Upright Rammers, prove their worth in hard-to-reach areas, solidifying their place as an asset in our equipment fleet.

These Upright Rammers to hire are ideal for Sand, Gravel, and Landscaping.

Cable Locator Hire

Cable Locator

Underground Cable Locator available for hire from APU, a vital tool for accurate utility detection before and during construction.

Ensuring damage prevention and promoting worksite safety, our Cable Locator for hire is a must-have for any construction project.

With the cutting-edge RD8100® cable locator, you can rely on unparalleled precision and effectiveness in pinpointing buried utilities, granting you the confidence and responsibility to advance with your projects seamlessly.

Plate Compactor for Hire

Plate Compactor 60KG for Rent

Discover the power and precision of APU’s Plate Compactors for hire. Our 60KG Plate Compactor stands out as a compact yet robust force in the construction industry.

Engineered with efficiency in confined spaces in mind, this compactor revolutionises precision in landscaping, roadwork, site preparation, pavement installation, and foundation construction.

Designed to effortlessly handle various materials, including soil, gravel, and asphalt, our plate compactor guarantees impeccable results.

Operator comfort is a top priority, with ergonomic excellence that minimises fatigue during extended use. Despite its compact size, this powerhouse boasts an impressive compaction force, making it an essential tool for both contractors and DIY enthusiasts.

Equipped with a rugged water tank as a standard feature, our plate compactor enhances operator comfort and productivity during asphalt work.

The lightweight and compact design ensures easy maneuverability, while rubber shock mounts reduce vibration and operator fatigue. The adjustable handle further ensures comfortable operation for seamless and efficient usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

At APU we offer different types of construction plant equipment to help you get your job done! We offer Concrete Vibrator Hire, Concrete Saw Hire, Waka Paka Hire and Cable Locator for Hire.

Waka Paka saws are versatile tools used for various purposes, including precise cuts during excavation, and preparing new foundations. APU’s demolition saw, known for its exceptional performance, is the perfect choice to streamline your projects in these applications.

A concrete vibrator is a vital construction tool designed to enhance the quality and durability of concrete structures. It works by removing air voids and ensuring thorough compaction in freshly poured concrete. This process not only strengthens the concrete but also minimises the risk of cracks and imperfections in the final structure. Concrete vibrators are frequently employed in various construction projects, including foundations, walls, and slabs, to ensure that the concrete achieves optimal strength and longevity.

When hiring a concrete vibrator, the prices will vary depending on different factors. However, you can find our pricing list on our website or call our friendly staff.

The primary tool used to vibrate concrete is a ‘concrete vibrator.’ APU’s concrete vibrators come in various forms, including internal vibrators, also known as poker or immersion vibrators. Internal vibrators are inserted into the wet concrete. These tools generate vibrations that help eliminate air bubbles and ensure thorough compaction, enhancing the quality and durability of the concrete structure.

While concrete vibration is an essential process for achieving proper compaction, it is typically not the direct cause of concrete cracking. In fact, vibration helps reduce the risk of cracks by eliminating air voids and enhancing concrete strength. However, if excessive vibration is applied or if the concrete mix contains too much water, it can potentially lead to surface cracks or segregation. Proper technique and mix design are crucial to prevent any negative impact. When performed correctly, concrete vibration contributes to a more durable and resilient concrete structure.

The cutting depth of a concrete saw depends on the type of saw being used. Handheld concrete saws typically have a cutting depth ranging from 2 to 4 inches, suitable for various small to medium applications.

The ease of using a concrete saw depends on various factors, including the type of saw, the operator’s experience, and safety precautions. Handheld concrete saws can be more manageable for smaller tasks and may be considered relatively easy to use with proper training. Following safety guidelines, and experience are essential to ensure the ease and efficiency of using concrete saws for any project.

Compactors and rammers are both construction tools used for soil and ground compaction, but they differ in their design and application. Compactors, often called plate compactors, have a flat, heavy plate that exerts downward pressure to compress the soil or asphalt surface evenly. They are well-suited for larger, open areas.

The weight of an upright rammer, also known as a trench rammer or jumping jack compactor, can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. APU’s upright rammers weigh 65 kgs.

A rammer, also known as a jumping jack compactor or trench rammer, is a compact construction tool designed for soil compaction. It is commonly used for compacting cohesive soils, such as clay and silt, in confined or hard-to-reach areas. Rammers use vertical impact force to compress the soil, making them effective for achieving a higher degree of compaction. They are frequently employed in construction projects, including trenching, foundation work, utility installations, and road repairs, to ensure the stability and load-bearing capacity of the soil.

A cable locator, also known as a cable and pipe locator or utility locator, is a specialised device used to detect and locate underground utilities such as electrical cables, water pipes, gas lines, and telecommunication cables. These devices operate by detecting the electromagnetic fields or radio frequency signals emitted by buried utility lines. By pinpointing the location of these utilities, cable locators help prevent accidental damage during excavation or construction activities and ensure the safety and efficiency of such projects.

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