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We offer Nissan and Fuso Tipper Trucks designed for the efficient transportation of your construction materials. Our Fleet comprises various models, guaranteeing that you find the ideal match for your on-site requirements.


Fuso 3T Tipper

This 3-tonne tipper is perfect for construction, mining, agriculture, tight spaces, jobs around the home, and waste management.

Small-sized tipper truck that is designed for carrying and transporting small loads of materials such as dirt, sand, gravel, and debris. Its compact size and manoeuvrability make it easy to navigate through tight situations.

Fuso 3T Tipper has you covered with its 3-ton payload capacity, powerful diesel engine, and hydraulic tipping mechanism.

Tipper Hire today - for construction, mining, agriculture, home. book now APU Qld
Tipper Hire today - for construction, mining, agriculture, home. book today APU Qld


Nissan 8T UD Tipper

Our 8-tonne tipper can be hired to transport a bobcat and excavator as one or used in a combo on-site.

A powerful mode of transport for both equipment and soils, dirt and dry debris, the UD Tipper is fitted with 8-tonne capacity ramps for loading and unloading equipment and for transporting soils to the tray. 

The truck tray is fitted with a canopy for securing and transporting loads safely and legally!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tipper trucks are used for transporting and unloading bulk materials such as construction debris, soil, rocks, and more in various industries including construction, mining, agriculture, and waste management.

The weight capacity of a tipper truck varies depending on its size and model. APU Excavations & Rentals offers a range of options, including the 3-tonne tipper with a 3-ton payload capacity and the 8-tonne tipper. It’s crucial to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe loading to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Yes, a standard car license is typically sufficient to operate a vehicle or truck with a weight of up to 4.5 tonnes. However, if the vehicle’s capacity exceeds this limit, you will need a specific and appropriate license.

\Hire prices for Tipper Trucks will depend on location, estimated hire length, and other factors. You can find our full list of prices on our website or contact our friendly team.

We deliver Tipper Trucks for wet and dry hire around the Southeast QLD region, including Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich.

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