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APU's Equipment Fleet for Hire South East QLD

Offering all-round excavation solutions to your needs on-site. We have all the equipment needed to complete projects safely, on time, and of high quality. Excavator Hire Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich. 

Vacuum Excavation Range

Vac Trucks

For any construction projects, it’s important to consider both underground facilities and subsurface utilities.

Our Vacuum Trucks -also known as Sucker Trucks-,  are proven to be a safer way of meeting these needs. Purpose-designed and built for non-destructive digging, drill mud recovery, underground services location, and daylighting.

We can also assist in the recovery of wet and solid materials, liquids, and slurries. This makes hydro excavation the ideal solution for use by plumbers, electricians, surveyors, service locations specialists, civil, and government entities when conducting early works on projects of any size or nature.

Vacuum Trucks for Hire Brisbane and rest of South East QLD. 

Excavation Hire Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich

Excavation is anything relating to the underground and the removal of soil or rock to make way for a trench, hole, tunnel, or shaft.

Excavators and Diggers

Our industry-leading excavators are available for wet hire (come with a fully licensed and ticketed operator) and for Dry Hire, without an operator. Whether for domestic or commercial projects, we have a range of excavators that can assist you with your project.


Excavators are ideal for accessing tighter areas and are popular for projects involving digging, drainage, trenches, pool excavation, and building footings. Their rubber tracks also mean they’re solid on a variety of surfaces and weather conditions. 

APU also offers Skid Steer Loaders, ideal for loading and unloading materials on construction sites. These Posi Trucks can also help you with landscaping, utility work, or demolition projects.


Tipper Truck Rental Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich

We offer different types of Tipper Trucks that you can choose from. Our Tip Trucks are perfect for construction, mining, agriculture, tight spaces, jobs around the home, and waste management.

Tipper Hire

All Pumped Up offers high-quality Tipper Hire services with Fuso and Nissan Tipper available to choose from.

Our trucks are reliable, well-maintained, and equipped to handle any job, big or small.

We provide competitive rates, flexible hire periods, and excellent customer service.   

Whether you’re a contractor, builder, landscaper, or homeowner, our Tipper Hire services are ideal for transporting and delivering construction materials, soil, gravel, sand, and other heavy loads.

Trust us to help you get the job done on time and within budget.

Site Power Generation

Generators Hire

No matter the size, you can trust APU to keep your project running safely and efficiently with our range of generators. 

APU offers a variety of outputs to power anything from site offices, running multiple high-powered tools where in-house power is not available, and providing temporary relief with power outages.

Generators are an indispensable tool in the construction industry, providing power supply solutions, remote site power, increase productivity, and also working as an emergency backup.  Trailer-mounted and fuel-cell options available. 

Equipment Rentals Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich

Construction Plant Equipment Hire

APU is your go-to destination for top-quality Construction Plant Equipment rentals. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, we have the tools to accomplish your construction tasks easily and precisely.

Our extensive inventory offers a selection of essential equipment, such as a Concrete Vibrator, Concrete Saw, Waka Paka, and Cable Locator. All are designed to assist your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions

At APU Excavations & Rentals, we offer Dry Hire and Wet Hire to meet your excavations and vacuum excavations needs.

When hiring a Wet Hire machine it will include an operator to operate the machine.

When hiring a Dry Hire machine it will not include an operator.

Our prices vary depending on estimated hire length, location, and type of hire e.g. whether it’s wet hire or dry hire.

If you want to know our exact prices, you can download our brochure on the website or call the number provided and get in touch with our team of experts.

Yes, our services include delivery to different locations making your hire experience easier and more efficient.

APU Excavations & Rentals offers Wet Hire and Dry Hire Excavations Services around the Southeast QLD Region, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Ipswich.

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