1.7T Mini Excavator Hire

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  • 7 Tonne Hitachi Excavator: Versatile and powerful option for Mini Excavator Hire.
  • Trailer-Mounted: Easy transportation to sites in Brisbane, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast.
  • Flexible Options: Choose between Excavator Dry Hire or Digger Wet Hire for tailored solutions
  • Batter bucket / 300mm bucket/450mm bucket/ Ripper/ 150mm Auger/ 250mm Auger/ 350mm Auger/ 450mm Auger/ Auger Power Head/ Plant Trailer
  • Collapsible ROPS, hydraulic backfill blade, choice between ISO or SAE operators control pattern, half hitch, along with a comprehensive package including risk assessment, service history, and SWMS.
  • 150mm Bucket / Hammer Attachment / Slings for Lifting/ 300mm Gummy Bucket

Top-Rated Excavation Services Covering Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast

Explore our Mini Excavator Hire options, specifically featuring the versatile 1.7 Tonne Hitachi Excavator. Our commitment to delivering exceptional services extends across these regions, ensuring that your excavation needs are met with efficiency and precision. The 1.7 Hitachi Excavator, conveniently trailer-mounted, brings unparalleled mobility to sites, be it residential properties, roadsides, or on-site projects throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, and Gold Coast.

Mini Excavator Hire with the Versatile 1.7 Tonne Hitachi Excavator

Unlock a world of possibilities with our 1.7 Tonne Hitachi Excavator for Mini Excavator Hire and Mini Digger Hire. This mini digger is a powerhouse, ideal for various applications, including trench digging alongside garden beds, land preparation for concrete slabs in house or shed construction, and the construction of block walls for retaining purposes. Equipped with a variety of attachments, the Hitachi ZX17U-5 ensures flexibility in achieving different depths and breadths during excavation and removal tasks. APU Excavations & Rentals is your go-to solution for versatile and efficient excavation services in Brisbane, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast.

Your Go-To Solution for Efficient Excavation Services

Choose the excavation solution that fits your project needs with APU Excavations & Rentals. Our Mini Excavator Hire services offer both Excavator Dry Hire and Digger Wet Hire options, providing flexibility for your specific requirements. Whether you’re handling the equipment yourself or opting for our skilled operators to manage the excavation process, our 1.7 Tonne Hitachi Excavator is ready for the task. For reliable and efficient excavation services in Brisbane, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast, contact APU Excavations & Rentals today.

Discover the Convenience of Our 1.7T Mini Excavator Trailer Package

At APU, we understand the importance of simplicity in your hiring process. That’s why we offer a specialised 1.7T Mini Excavator Trailer Package, allowing you to hire an excavator on a trailer. Pick up your equipment at our Yatala office and get to your next project promptly. Our trailers are tailored for excavators with an operating weight of 1800kg or less, including buckets. Contact us today to hire your excavator on a trailer!

Explore In-House Excavator Delivery Options

In addition to our trailer package, APU Excavations & Rentals also provides in-house delivery services across the Southeast QLD region with our reliable transportation options that will allow you to have your equipment delivered right to your preferred location. Simplify your project logistics with APU Excavations & Rentals by contacting us!

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