Diesel 60KVA Generator Hire

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  • Powerful Output: 60KVA generator for reliable and uninterrupted power.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for construction, industry, and emergency backup.
  • Efficient and Convenient: Advanced technology and 1000 LTS fuel cell for cost-effective performance.
  • Single and Three-phase Power
  • 15amp 1 phase General Purpose Outlet
  • 32amp 3 phase 5pin Socket Outlet
  • Permanent Connections
  • Risk assessment, service history, and SWMS.
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Powering Your Projects with Halo 60KVA Generator Hire Services

Introducing Halo 60KVA Generator, designed to meet the energy needs of various applications. With a robust 60KVA power output, this generator ensures uninterrupted and reliable power, making it an ideal choice for construction sites, industrial operations, and emergency backup scenarios, providing protection against electrical short circuits.

Reliable Generator Solutions for Brisbane, Ipswich, and Gold Coast

The Halo 60KVA Generator stands out for its robust performance, powered by advanced technology and a dependable engine. This combination not only delivers efficient performance but also enhances fuel economy, ensuring cost-effectiveness for your projects. Our Generator Hire services provide a reliable solution for your temporary power needs, offering flexibility and convenience.

Efficient Performance and Fuel Economy for Construction and Industrial Needs

When you choose to rent the Halo 60KVA Generator with APU, we go the extra mile by including a fuel cell with a substantial capacity of 1000 LTS. This feature is designed to minimize downtime and optimize project efficiency, eliminating the need for frequent refueling trips to the site. Trust APU Excavations & Rentals for dependable Generator Hire services, where advanced technology meets your power needs for construction and industrial projects.

Continuous Power for Large and Small Appliances with APU’s 60KVA Generator

Our 60KVA generator is a powerhouse capable of meeting the energy demands of large projects and small commercial buildings alike. APU’s 60KVA Generator, allows you access to continuous power, ensuring the seamless operation of all your large and small appliances. Encased in a durable 1.6mm mild steel canopy, these generators are designed for stationary power generation, finding applications in various settings such as construction sites, crib rooms, mobile cranes, and motor starting.

Featuring a substantial 150L fuel tank and a fuel consumption rate of 11.0 L/H, this generator can run for up to 16 hours per day, making it reliable and cost-effective power at every stage of your project.

Contact APU today to explore our diverse options for generator hire. If you’re uncertain about which generator suits your needs, our team of experts is ready to guide your requirements.

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