All Pumped Up


Equipment to help you finish the job! #PUMPYEAH

Once All Pumped Up has helped you excavate your project area for the foundation of your job, it’s time to get down to business!
APU offers a selection of concrete vibrators, concrete cutting saws with pressure tanks, wakka pakkas, locators, and generators to keep you going!


Concrete Vibrator

The concrete vibrator is an important part of the concrete pouring process, especially when creating columns, walls, and foundations. APU can excavate the area for the foundation and supply the concrete vibrator to see you through your formworks.

Vibrating the formwork consolidates the concrete into every part of the concrete form creating stability.


Concrete Saw

Our concrete saw is great for cutting hard materials like concrete, tiles, asphalt, brick, masonry and useful in excavation services and when making way for new foundations.

Sand, Gravel, and Landscaping

Wakka Pakka

The Wakka Pakka is widely used by our customer base for compacting soils in trenches and tight spots where compactors aren’t able to reach. The Wakka Pakka forms a valuable part of our excavation service.

Underground Location

Pipe and Cable Locator

Our portable solution for cable and pipe location prior to commencement of works, and during, is extremely effective. RD8100® cable locator is engineered to deliver high precision for damage prevention when locating buried cables and pipes.


Halo 20KVA Generator

20KVA can power multiple site offices when commencing new work at a construction site. These generators are also useful for offering temporary relief during power outages.


Halo 8KVA Generator

8KVA offers mobility and power to run multiple high-powered power tools without restriction where in-house power is not available.